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Every spring bands of snowboarders converge on a tiny Rocky Mountain town in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains to explore the backcountry opportunities that abound. But they’re not you typical snowboarders. They’re split boarders. It’s called splitboarding: a genre of snowboarding that relies on boards that split in two to be used…(Read More)

Our staff pick videos from some favorite adventures and what you should give them try : Hit the sand Sandboarding in Alamosa, Colorado, was one of the most unique experiences we had this year. It was also more of a workout than we anticipated. It’s like snowboarding, but more difficult. “The main difference here is…(Read More)

More than ever before, snowboarders are passing up the lifts and heading into the mountains on their own two feet. Since its inception a few decades ago, splitboarding has grown, and matured into a sophisticated backcountry culture all its own.What’s a splitboard? It’s a snowboard that is divided into two halves that…(Read More)

When caught in an avalanche, it all comes down to time. And while help someone should certainly call for help, the people closest to the scene are the best chance for a successful rescue. Swiss avalanche rescue innovator Manuel Genswein has spent his life studying the subject, and his V-Shaped Snow Conveyor Belt is…(Read More)

Wherever there are mountains and snow, there are avalanches. They don’t care about the people: hikers, climbers, skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers. But Manuel Genswein does.Armed with a Swiss accent and distinctive voice, Genswein speaks with absolute authority on avalanches and people. Genswein, trained an electronic engineer with a focus on geography, developed a…(Read More)

“As we started this company, it was all about taking wool to a more technical place,” said Timm Smith of Voormi, makers of high-performance wool garments in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. “Can we make something that is soft and sweater-like in nature, thermal like a fleece, but gives you…(Read More)

In Colorado’s ski country, not many resorts are left that are independently owned and operated. But Wolf Creek Ski Area isn’t your typical resort. In fact, it’s not really a resort at all. While there is homemade green chili at the base of the mountain, there isn’t anywhere to stay. And…(Read More)

It’s like dream, surfing on a cloud. Weightless turns, bottomless powder, an untouched blanket of snow and no one else for miles around. In big mountain terrain, rewards are huge when you’re dialed, the consequences severe when you’re not. We stopped by Pine Needle Mountaineering at the foot of the San Juan…(Read More)

1) Make sure your base is free of dirt and grime. There are a number of spray on base cleaners, but if you’re doing this at midnight before a powder day, scraping off excess gunk will do. This is also a good time to de burr your edges – a file or even a green…(Read More)