Osprey Rev Series 1.5

The Gear in Review

Today's pack manufacturers are rethinking the backpack. It's not just about carrying your hydration stores and gear, but how they're being carried. Some companies are releasing lumbar packs that sit low, while others are adding storage to the front chest harness. Either way and more than ever, backpacks are simply getting off your back.

Osprey's Rev 1.5 takes a simple approach, keeping the weight of its 1.5 liter hydration reservoir high on your torso, between your shoulder blades, providing a stable feel coupled with a nice freedom of movement.

We take a look at the Rev 1.5 during a run up southwest Colorado's Engineer Mountain. Available in five pack sizes and one lumbar style, the 1.5 is the smallest of the pack series. Here is our gear in review.

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