Rain jackets? In the desert?

Or anywhere else, don't get caught empty-handed. Bryon Powell talks favorites

Look out your window and it's clear as a bell, then an hour later you're freezing under a juniper bush trying to block the wind with its branches. Welcome to trail running out west.

Check the weather and prepare.

“Go out for a nice trail run, you might think, 'I'm in shorts, I'm in a T-shirt, that's great.' But If I'm going to be out there for a while, I'll often throw in an ultra light windbreaker,” says's Bryon Powell.

One of Powell's go-tos is the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Lite Jacket, featherweight wind and light precipitation protection ($100.)

For more inclement weather, he goes for The North Face Flight Series Fuse Jacket($250.)“If you're run maybe goes longer than planned, and it was a beautiful 70-degree day and it's dropping down to 40, pull this out and you will be warm.”

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