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How to trail run with Bryon Powell

First lesson in trail running: Walk

Running media wizard and accomplished long distance trail runner Bryon Powell of shows us it’s just plain OK to walk.

“Especially with trail running, that’s one of the beauties,” he said. “The terrain or how technical it is in terms of rocks and roots, it really invites you to maintain an effort level which a lot of times means mixing in walking.

Powell, who covers running all over the world, says walking is part of trail running.

“You go out to the Hardrock 100 and watch some of the world’s best trail runners, and they’re walking,” he said. “And that’s OK.”

Watch as he explains walking and trail running in the rocky terrain of the desert Southwest.

“If you’re new, just put one foot in front of the other,” he said. “Don’t be embarrassed to walk.”

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