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Payson McElveen shares how to step up your mountain biking game

Payson McElveen races across the globe and knows a thing or two about pedaling over rough and rugged terrain. Here, he shows us how he can step up with ease over boulders and ledges on the trail, and it's as easy as one, two, three.

1) Use your legs

“A common misconception is that you do it all with your arms and just lift the bike up,” McElveen says. “It's a lot smoother and saves a lot of energy if you use the force of your legs to push down on that forward pedal and propel the front of the bike up a little bit.”

2) It's all in the wrist

“Use a little bit of twist with your wrist,” he says. “You lift up and then twist forward.

3) Lunges

With your front wheel in the clear, it's a simple grunt motion of pulling your body, and the rest of the bike, up. McElveen calls it lunging. “The next step is to lunge up onto the ledge.”

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