Gunhild Swanson 100 mile record

70 year-old finishes Western States 100

If you ever feel sore or tired, think of Gunhild Swanson. The ultra runner just finished California's 2015 Western States 100 mile race in under 30 hours, with 18,000 feet of climbing, and 23,000 feet of descending.

One more thing, Swanson is 70 years old, which made her the oldest runner in the race.

Swanson told iRunfar that she was overwhelmed with the excitement around her. A crowd went wild as she finished the run with a mere 6 seconds before the 30 hour cutoff.

“I must have had the biggest smile on my face,” she said.

Swanson received a coveted Western States 100 bronze belt buckle for her achievement of completing the world's oldest 100 mile event.

iRunfar's Meghan Hicks said the race “isn't just about the front of the pack.”

She told Swanson it was a race about the community.

“The community really put it forth to see you come home today,” Hicks said.

Hicks then thanked her for her inspiration

“It was certainly my pleasure,” Swanson said.

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